Feb 9, 2014

live your own life

Life isn't about to impress anyone. Life is all about to satisfy yourself. Eventually u r the one who hurt most just because u don't/stop being urself.

Stop doing thing to attract other hoping they pay attention to you. Or maybe that how you run your life, when people pay attention to u, u feel satisfied with it, then just live with it.

Its sad when see a girl put so much effort to gain little attention from a guy. Nothing wrong when u willing to do anything but faking yourself? what u get from that? Oh yes, of course u feel satisfied, that is how u satisfy yourself.

Stop chasing perfect guy. U think perfect guy would like u when he's able to choose the one that better than u? Just make yourself perfect first and then perfect guy will come into u.

* just sayin. i keep thinking of it, n i just wrote it here to satisfy myself. To let go the word that keep harassing my mind.
**avoid my bad english, i feel like to write it in english.