Nov 7, 2009

baby oh baby...

don't scratch your baby feeling to avoid them from do the thing that out of our mind..

see.. i told you before, what happen to the baby if you break their emotion..

in order to release their tension, see what the baby do..

dress up themself like an adult...

i'm old already, don't teach me like me still a kid!!!!!

who are you want to tell me this and that.. i know la what i do....

what i told you before? don't you dare to teach me again...

give back my fredom...

or you wanna fight with me?????

should i shoot you?????

or just kill you..

either i'm not a human anymore..

become a mutant because of you..

become a robotic..

but i don't want to lost my control, don't want to be a demon, but want to be your hero..

i'm totally change bacause of you.. sooo tired..

and so stressful...

i'm hungry and i want to eat first..

see you again later!!!!!


  1. huhuuhhuhuhuuh

    funny... hehe , siapalah yang jahat sgt buat pic tu,.,


  2. waaa baby comel, what happen to u?
    oo ni mesti sbb cik manish yg membuli kamu kan hihi