Jan 23, 2010

inside my brain..

bila otak aku terbelah, aku hanya nampak urat2 yg berserabut.. darah yg mengalir agak lemah pergerakkannya.. actually, tu cuma apa yg aku byangkan je..hehe

n, if i could open up my brain n find out what exactly inside it,
so i would happily present in with give my full effort into it..
badly, i can't do it..
at this time, what my brain actually doing is thinking..
work hard to operate an idea..
(sou desu ka?)
actually, what i gonna to say is:
i miss someone..
miss someone with a high rated, maybe 9/10..
just give some space in my heart to hate this person..
in case in the future he will hurt me..
and the 2nd reason, i don't wanna miss this person like crazy..
don't want to fix my brain
"with i miss u __________!!!!!"

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