Jan 22, 2010

bla bla bla in the early morning..

so tired.. feel so sleepy.. after this, go to bed and hope i can sleep well.. today(friday) i got class at 9. mean that, i need to wake up early.. aargghh, i'm so tired and my brain doesn't work at all after i finish the preparation for my quality class..have a presentation at evening and come back at 4++ i think..

what a lazy bone, at last minute do the preparation, so you need to take the risk. what risk? and the answer is you don't have enough sleep.that why u feel so tired..

owwwhhhh.. so blame myself. it my fault..

p/s: what a grammar. dont smile2 aa when you read this, i told u earlier my brain doesn't work at all. she already sleep i think.. huahuahuahuahuargh..

paipai, gd nite.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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